babyPac w/Integrated Alarms


Smiths Medical is a leading global provider of medical devices for the hospital, emergency, home and specialist environments. Our products are used during critical and intensive care, surgery, post-operative care during recovery, and in a series of high-end home infusion therapies.

Lightweight, quick to set up, accurate in their adminstration and reliable in their operation, PGPVs (Portable Gas Powered Ventilators) are ideal for use in emergency situations requiring basic or advanced life support. With their immediate ability to adapt to changing patient parameters PGPVs provide essential breathing support and overcome many of the problems associated with manual ventilation methods.

Acting as a third hand and eliminating the need for assistance from a second emergnecy professional, a PGPV controls the breathing patterns and administers repeatable tidal volumes at safe, limited inflation pressures. In addition, monitoring and safety features ensure over inflation is prevented.

Pneupac babyPAC with Integrated Alarms: Ventilation for neonates and infants requires a special approach. The ventilator used must be suitable for small, sensitive lungs and should generate a limited pressure to avoid over-inflation and potential harm. This ventilator has a sophisticated range of ventilation controls including CPAP, variable I:E ratio and variable oxygen concentration. The latter is particularly important in the transport of neonates since high oxygen concentrations over a prolonged period can be harmful.

The special design of the babyPAC makes it ideal for delivering ventilation to fragile lungs with precision and confidence, whether in routine care, or in the difficult circumstances of transport ventilation.

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babyPac w/Integrated Alarms
babyPAC w/Alarms, Infant Circuit
babyPAC w/Alarms, Infant Circuit
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