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Rapid Response Solutions is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) based in Northeast Wisconsin (USA). Rapid Response Solutions and the Rhythm of Life were developed by an EMT-Paramedic in response to the demands of the healthcare industry and the stresses placed on healthcare providers and trained lay rescuers in emergency situations.

The mission of Rapid Response Solutions is to provide caregivers with the tools that will assist them in delivering quality care and the best chance for patient survival.

The Rhythm of Life is a pocket-sized CPR timer designed to assist both medical professionals and trained lay rescuers in providing high-quality cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) & cardiocerebral resuscitation (CCR).

Core Features: The metronome provides three distinct audible tones and visual feedback to guide the rescuer to compress the patient's chest, ventilate the patient, and provide interventions after every two minutes of resuscitation.

Core Benefits:

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Rhythm Of Life CPR Device
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