Wheeled Litter Carrier


Faretec, Inc. specilizes in manufacturing Leg Traction Splints, Utility Splints, Transport Containers and other medical products for Civilian Pre-Hospital and Military markets.

The Litter Carrier is a light, stable device, equipped with two large non-pneumatic wheels designed for transporting injured persons on rugged terrain. These flat-free tires keep the unit mobile at all times, without the need for a pneumatic pump.

When the supporting legs are in the transport position the patient is easily moved by one or two persons. When the supporting legs are in the "static" position the litter carrier is a steady and stable support for the patient.

When not in use, the Litter Carrier is easily folded to a compact size for storage.

The Civilian version has all of the same benefits as the military version however it is coated in different, more highly visible color. This version can be carried by EMS professionals, Fire Departments, Trainers, etc. It is also available with double wheel sets in cases where especially rugged terrain may be encountered.

For transporting stretchers and patients in unsurfaced areas.

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Wheeled Litter Carrier
Wheeled Litter Carrier, Dual Wheel




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