Backboard Buoyancy Compensator


Announcing the introduction of the Backboard Bouyancy Compensator (BBC). This device has been developed to assist the rescuer and the rescue team. In the many years of existance in the public safety field, R & B Fabrications, Inc. has come across the similar question of "How much will this backboard float?" many times. Well, as we all know that is a realtive question. Backboards typically do not 'float' the injured victim. R & B has developed a device that can be attached to a backboard in a matter of 1 or 2 minutes and manually inflate with a few good puffs of air. The BBC is attached to the board with four vinyl straps of proper length around the BBC tubes and through the hand holds of the backboard.

The BBC comes with a Cordura nylon storage case, measuring 24" x 18" x 6" and requires 2600 cubic inches of storage space.

The device is made of durable double coated PU which makes it durable and at the same time flexible for any type of water extrication. The device also has two over inflation pressure relief valves so that it cannot be overinflated to the point of separation of the seams. The cap on the pressure relief can be removed fro a quick dump of air pressure after removing the patient from the water. The BBC is made in the USA with high quality materials, valves, and workmanship.


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Backboard Buoyancy Compensator




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