Rapid Tool Guard


Use Rapid Tool Guard to protect hydraulic rescue tools, axes, pry bars, saw blades, bolt cutters, air tools, drills and drill bits, router bits, wire and cable cutters, strippers, pliers, shears, knives, ratchets and much more! Rapid Tool Guard Prevents rust on hand tools, blades & bits to improve performance and extend tool life by penetrating deep into the tool to seal out harmful moisture and prevent corrosion. Rapid Tool Guard will dry after application to prevent sticky, slippery surfaces that attract dirt and dust like most lubricants and corrosion protection products do and most importantly, resists oil and dirt build-up.

Directions For Use: To protect tools during storage: When possible, clean tool with a cleaner/degreaser or wipe clean with a rag. Spray a light, even coat of RAPID TOOL GUARD over tool to protect metal surfaces. Allow a few minutes to dry and wipe lightly with a cloth or allow to dry overnight.

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Rapid Tool Guard
Rapid Tool Guard
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